About Hebei Hanwu Cotton Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hanwu Cotton Machinery is a group company established in 1984, which integrates manufacturing, researching, marketing and customer service, the headquarter is located in Wu'an Industrial Zone. There are development Zone and Shangjiaosi manufacturing bases. Hanwu group have strong research and development strength, large-scale machinery manufacturing and professional production equipments. Hanwu can supply wide range spare parts of cotton machinery for all brands. Hanwu is specialized in researching cotton saws since 2005, and makes the greatest efforts to control the saws' quality from the raw material to finished products in the industry chain. The production use hot coil cutting tool steel (S, P content double zero level), which have cold rolled steel strip, continuous quench and temper line, saw punching, flattening, tooth punching, reshaping, polishing, marking, packing and etc. Each link is checked strictly. Hanwu Cotton Machinery Co., Ltd had integrated the whole industry chain, and began to produce the cotton saws with long life and high wearing-resistant. They are the best-selling products at home and abroad. Hanwu Cotton Machinery has been the most potential and promising enterprise in the field of cotton saws. In the globalization era of international trade, Hanwu Cotton Machinery are willing to cooperate with each partner all over the world, so as to offer the best service for cotton ginning and cottonseed delinting enterprises collectively and preferably.